Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Waltz

 "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass; it's about learning how to dance in the rain." ~ Vivan Greene
Lately I have felt like I have been dancing the Waltz with life.  One step sideways, second step sideways, then one step back, second step back and diagonally, and the second step sideways before ending up right back to where the dancer starts.  Occasionally, with my zeal for life I end up taking too many steps forward until I almost stumble and then need to stay put for a while to gather my bearings before commencing again.  In the past week I had a cavity filled in one of my teeth that the dentist had been watching for several years, but my diet is working as no new problems have showed up for several years since I switched my diet.  The damage that the dentist has been watching was incurred years before when I hadn't realized the impact that diet and lifestyle can have on a person's health.  I also had my eyes tested when my daughter was flagged at a recent school vision screening.  I decided that since my vision was bad enough that I knew that I needed reading glasses; my daughter who would be getting glasses needed company as well.  And last, but not least, I had a respiratory virus aka the cold.  I had held off the bloody microbe for several weeks, but couldn't quite kill it before it deepened into a full blown cold.  Thankfully the damage was minimal, and I only missed one day of work.
    My Moonflower while it did bloom, became infested with aphids and I had to return it to the compost.  My goal is for next week to start another Moonflower as they are beautiful.  My mother-in-law's Cactus and my Cactus are both beginning to bloom.  My mother-in-law's is a pretty coral, and mine will be a light yellow.

    I decided to merge my gardening beds together as I realized that with the number of fence posts and the depth that I would need them, it was simply not space efficient.  So I behold the new garden beds.

    I have also continued to reground myself, by getting rid of yet more clutter.  It's amazing how much stuff a person can have and far more amazing with the minimal upkeep both in time and energy of the "stuff" that a person needs.  No, I'm not done, about halfway done sorting through stuff.      Hopefully by Spring I'll be done sorting through all of my stuff.
    Last, but certainly not least, our nice weather is over.  The snow has started, and will stop actively snowing around March given our county's climate.  The following is a picture taken last October.  So far I haven't seen any spectacular winter pictures to take yet.  I simply need to give it time.

  Have a Lovely Day One and All,