Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Beginnings

"Setting a goal is not the main thing.  It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan," ~ Tom Landry

My most humblest apologies for the absence from my blog.  I'm afraid my multitasking once again multitasked me into a 10 week round of Bronchitis; for some unknown reason my lungs have always been very weak and when I multitask to much my immune system suffers.  I am thankfully, finally over it, and am speeding through the Holiday Season.  Thanksgiving was nice, I was able to spend the morning with friends and family at Thanksgiving Dinner and then journey off to work for a shift. 
    I unearthed all of our Christmas decorations and turned our house into Holiday Central.  Two Christmas trees (one large and one small).  More Christmas bric a brac than most people can contemplate, and am planning a small Christmas Dinner for family on Christmas Day.  We are in Winter here and have just emerged from a two week period where our temperatures hovered ranging from 0 F to -17 F.  We have warmed up enough to have snow again and my daughter and I have a date for building a snowman.  :)
    I have a few goals for 2014.  From January-March I'm removing myself from some of my more addictive social media resources and will write the novel I've been putting off.  Stories do a person no good, if they're not shared. 
    I need to buckle down in the finances department.  I have some credit card debt that still needs paid off.  I also have a goal for the end of 2014, to raise $10,000 to buy a VW Van Camper.  Why would I want such a thing?  My reason is that the VW Van Camper has a bed in the back and a small sink that would work so well with my daughter and my mother-in-law for day trips as they both need their naps or else they're grumpy.  I fell over when I heard the price of one, Lord have mercy!  I told my husband that he was more than welcome to join us girls on our adventures and he just smiled and shook his head.
    As far as my Health goals for 2014, they're more maintenance verses actual change.  My diet was changed several years back to a far healthier version that I can stick with.  Healthy meats, LOTS of fruits and vegetables (mostly raw), some starches, and no gluten and no sugar, and no artificial sugars.  My body REALLY doesn't like gluten and sugar, which I found out probably far to late.  I'm still working on repairing some of the inflammation that was caused by the years that I was on gluten, sugar and artificial sugars.  I am exercising regularly again now that I can breathe after getting over the Bronchitis and am starting to train for a 15K on St. Patrick's Day.  Given how sensitive my body is and how crappy my circulation is, my body is significantly warmer and healthier for three days after only one exercise workout.  I was also able to wean myself off of Coffee and now drink caffeinated tea when I need a kick.  This was something that I never thought that I'd be able to do.
    Last, but most certainly not least.  The last final uncluttering push, the wood shed.  The wood shed so aptly named is an ancient wooden structure that I believe at one point was a garage.  The wooden walls themselves are not very sturdy and the windows long since lost their glass.  My husband has said that I have until the end of 2014 to sort through the boxes left from all of the moves and then he is tearing down the shed and building a sturdy shed to replace it. 
    All in all lofty goals, but goals that I know that I can attain as they're spread out over the duration of 2014.  Life is looking good, as I've made so many positive changes that have produced such amazing results.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Best Wishes,